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Computer-aided education is a relatively recent method to facilitate the learning process and the interaction between the trainer and the trainee. Within this form of education, it is worth noting the increasing interest in education by means of ‘serious’ games (computer games with an educational purpose), especially with those groups of learners termed ‘hard to reach’ or ‘disaffected’ from learning.

GOET Trainers’ Handbook

This guide is aimed at supporting the trainers’ activities in a work preparation environment, and with an interest in using serious games and other motivational approaches for learning and training in work skills.

Download handbook

Download handbook

It will provide a guide for trainers to whom e-learning may be a new concept, with example usage scenarios and lesson plans, tutorials on each of the serious games, target platform specification, and a guide on how e-learning is placed in context with the additional materials to form a complete and blended learning experience.

GOET Curriculum

The curriculum is extensive and is broken down into eight modules: Personal Development; Personal Hygiene; Basic and Key Skills; Work Preparation and Sustainability; Keeping Your Job; Starting Work; Planning and Reviewing Learning and Money Management. Each of these themes is broken down into units (or Learning Objects). Each unit is further broken down to describe the unit’s aims, a statement of the unit’s learning objectives, and overview of the educational content of the unit. This is complimented by a guide on teaching strategies that can be used to deliver the unit, a note on whether any previous knowledge is required to carry out the unit, and a suggestion on other resources that can be used to compliment the serious games in delivering the unit.

Download curriculum

Download curriculum

Assessment criteria are given that can be used to measure students’ knowledge gained against the learning objectives. A summary and glossary complete the description for each unit. This curriculum, used in conjunction with the GOET serious games, and other resources offer a blended learning approach, to guide tutors and trainers of students with learning disabilities and additional sensory impairments in developing their skills for employment and independent living.

Starting Work DVD

This DVD covers a number of concerns that disabled people will ultimately face when starting their first or new job. Most people will feel nervous or apprehensive about starting a new job. These feelings are often worse for disabled people, as they fear they will not fit in and many don’t have the same level of confidence as people without disabilities. These feelings and anxieties can often hold people back and make them not want to work.

Starting Work DVDMD5 (what is this?)

GOET Mini-Mapper – Use a Nintendo Wii Controller for mouse or keyboard input

The GOET Mini-Mapper is a Windows (XP, Vista, 7) only application that allows you to move the mouse and enter (predefined) keyboard presses from a Nintendo Wii Controller (Wiimote).

GOET Mini Mapper 1.0 (Allows mouse & keyboard interaction with a Windows PC using a Wii remote and Bluetooth)